During the COVID-19 crisis, Production Methods remained open to serve our new and existing customers. If your company is still experiencing sporadic shut-downs, please contact us for detailed information on how we can help you.


It has come to our attention that many companies want to help but do not know where to turn. We have N95 mask cut files and designs, gown cut files and designs, other PPE cut files and designs, and N95 mask material sources. If you’re a manufacturer and want to help but do not know where to start we have the resources available for free please contact us. If you have cut files and designs for PPE items you are making please come share them with the group. We have more than 25 companies participating as of March 26th. Read our Maintenance Bulletins Here.

Please contact us through our website, call our main number at 716-568-1228, call Jody Haines at 425-275-7135 (for contract cutting and capacity information), or email to productive@productionmethods.com, and let us help you find the partner you need to make what is needed.


We are open and here to serve you during the COVID-19 crisis, please contact us for detailed information on how we can help you.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States and worldwide, Production Methods has temporarily suspended all travel for technicians and all support will be done via telephone, text, email or potentially virtually through FaceTime or other video conferencing means until such time as it is deemed safe to travel.

We are well-stocked with inventory and will ship blades and parts as reliably as allowed for the foreseeable future. We will continue to support our customers to the best degree that we can without the ability to be on site for now, and based on our vast experience with the machinery that we support, we expect to be able to keep our customers that are able to work functioning and producing for the American economy.

We hope that all of our customers are in safe health, happy, and their families as well. We are prepared for the near future as best we can be as individuals and as a company, and are looking forward to getting back to as near normal as we can following this society changing event.


Carolina Textile District (CTD) is part of a consortium helping to provide information and products to the health care industry during this time of crisis. If your company has a cutting machine and are currently or are looking to produce masks or related materials, CTD’s site has important information regarding the types of masks and respirators that are normally produced. Visit CTD Here.


The Industrial Fabrics Association has put together a comprehensive listing of government websites (such as FEMA, White House updates, and more) that can be easily accessed during the COVID-19 pandemic. View List Here.