Production Methods offers blades for automated cutters in several types for most stack and  single ply automated cutters on the market. These blades are compatible with Gerber, Cutting Edge (GGT), Eastman, Autometrix, Kuris, and Carlson as well as many other CAM systems.  Round Blades are OLFA or KAI compatable.

28mm (1.1”) and 45mm (2”) round blades; 45°x .040” and 45°x .020” thick Carbide Drag Knife Blades; 30°x .040” and 30°x .020” thick Carbide Drag Knife Blades; 55°x .040” and 55°x .020” thick Carbide Drag Knife Blades.

All Blades are available in quantities of 50 and up.

Production Methods offers pens for automated cutters in several types for most single ply automated cutters and plotters on the market. These pens are compatible with Gerber Cutting Edge (GGT), Eastman, Kuris, Carlson, and all plotters and cutters that accept a standard HP plotter pen housing.

Pen refills available in Black, Silver, Red, Blue and Green.

All Pens are available in quantities of 1 and up. Pricing is available by completing our online parts form or by emailing We guarantee competitive pricing on all pens we sell.  Contact us today for a quote!

We also carry or can obtain many other items for various systems. Please let us know what you need and we will do our best to supply your needs. A quick list of available parts follows.

CR2, CR3, CB2, CB3, A-CR2, and A-CR3 parts for Cutting Edge Inc Gerber Garment Technology DCS-1500, DCS-2500 and DCS-3500 carriages and control cabinets such as:

Hubs; Bearings; Motors; Drive Belts; Amps; Controller cards and computers; Circuit boards; Tool Cylinders; Cutting Table Surface (Porex, Belt solutions, sheets surfaces such as Taurus); Vacuum Blowers by Cincinnati Fan; Gear Rack; Rails or round ways; Tabling Extensions; and Cutting Tools.

American Made

As it has been from the beginning, the machines we refurbish and sell are American designed, American made, and American refurbished. We are committed to supporting American manufacturing, and American jobs. It is true that some parts come from outside our borders but only when that is the only source. If it is made in America – we buy it!