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TL-051 30 Degree
Carbide Drag Blade
$387.00 (50 pack)

A-CR2-188 Y Axis
DCS 2500 6 foot
(other sizes available)
$485.62 (1)

OLFA 1″ Round Blades
$27.50 (10 pack)

CR2-053 X-Y Axis
Linear Bearing Block
DCS 2500, 3500 Taurus
$102.50 (1)

TL-052 45 Degree
Carbide Drag Blade
$387.00 (50 pack)

CR2-312 X Axis Drive Belt
DCS 2500
$58.90 (1)

$17.50 (10 pack)

54782009 GT5250 Blade
(others available)
$62.50 (pack of 10)

TL-056 Carbide
Chisel Blade
$19.50 each

TL-256, TL-257, TL-267, TL-354 V Notch Blade
for A-TL-162
$17.00 (1)

F-0101 and F-1001
Shoulder Bolt & Nut
$7.57 each set

90191000 or WC-055 Custom Machined Hemispherical Tip Set Screw**
$7.31 each

** Required for proper alignment of tools on DCS 2500, DCS 3500, and Taurus systems. These are manufactured to the original OEM specifications. Use of the wrong set screw can cause alignment issues which can be permanently detrimental to your machines cutting performance.

American Made

It is true that some parts come from outside our borders but only when that is the only source. If it is made in America – we buy it!

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